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If you are a student with an interest in law, you may be beginning to consider the possibility of a career in law, or you may be far along in the preparation of your law school applications. Whatever your particular circumstances, we encourage you to take a broad, holistic approach to exploring your career options. One may be interested in a law-related career without necessarily wanting to apply to law school, and attending law school may lead to a wide range of diverse professional paths.

Even if you already have made the decision to apply to law school, it is to your advantage to think more broadly about your professional interests. In the short term, having a clearer understanding of why you want to attend law school will help you to submit a more compelling law school application. It also may help you to choose a law school that is the best fit for your long-term goals.

Law is a largely entreprenuerial field. There is a wide array of positions and career paths that one may pursue with a law degree. You certainly do not need to plan your whole career before you even show up for your first class, and many people end up doing things with their law degree that they had not anticipated. That said, having a better sense of what you hope to get out of law school will provide you with direction as you confront the many choices that come at you quickly in law school regarding such things as summer jobs, trying out for a journal, and extracurricular activities. In addition, beginning to explore your interests in law more specifically before you get to law school can give you a leg up in competing for positions during law school and after graduation.

Beginning to develop a professional career requires a network of mentors, a support system. Your academic advisor, of course, is one important contact. In addition, during your time at the University of Richmond, you will want at least a couple of professors to know you and your work well. You may wish to make contact with faculty members whose areas of expertise overlap with your primary interests. Seek opportunities through internships or summer jobs, to talk to people outside campus with positions and expertise related to fields you find intriguing.

If you would like to make an appointment, contact Pre-Law Advisor Jennifer Bowie or visit the Office of Career Services. Before making an appointment, please read the material on Thinking About Law and check the rest of the website for information that might be relevant to your questions. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your interests in the law.

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