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The sources discussed below are general in their application. Keep in mind that individual law schools vary in their particular approaches to evaluating candidates. Once you begin to narrow down the schools to which you are applying, you will want to obtain any available information specific to those schools. In addition to reviewing the schools’ websites, you also should check for other sources, such as published interviews with admissions officials. You also may contact admissions offices directly to inquire and request additional information.

Law School Admission Council

Choosing which resources to rely on partly will be a matter of preference. However, there is one source of information that is indispensable in the application process: the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

In addition to overseeing the LSAT, the LSAC administers the Credential Assembly Service, which collects key elements of your application materials, including transcripts and recommendations, and distributes them to law schools. You should visit the LSAC site early and often, as it contains a wealth of information about the various stages of application, including a Checklist for the Law School Admission Process.

While the LSAC is a critical hub of information, you will want to rely on multiple resources. Many inquiries about applying do not have a single uncontestable answer, and your best bet is to read several takes on a particular question and make an informed judgment. Moreover, in reading different perspectives about application strategy, you likely will come across helpful tips that reach beyond the precise question with which you began.

Resources for Preparing Law School Applications

Many online resources are devoted to providing information to people preparing law school applications. The following are recommended:

American Bar Association

Princeton Review
Though known for their commercial LSAT courses, the site contains a wide range of information.

Top Law Schools (TLS)
TLS is notable for hosting very active discussion forums where people can ask questions and share experiences related to law school applications. TLS Forums.

Interviews with Law School Admissions Officials

It is suggested that you read a few interviews early on to get a general feel for what the application process looks like from the perspective of those evaluating the candidates.

TLS Interviews

Admissions Dean

Example: Interview with Michelle Rahman, the Associate Dean for Admissions at the University of Richmond School of Law

Law School Application Print Resources

Books can provide far greater detail than you can get from online sources of information. In flipping through, you also may discover important considerations that otherwise never would have occurred to you. The process of applying to law school is inevitably going to entail expenses. Given the stakes, relatively small expenses, such as a book or two, is more than worth the investment, since they may save you time and provide invaluable information.

A selected list of recommendations is below. Career Services (Tyler Haynes Commons, Suite 306) has a collection of books that are very helpful, including most of those listed below.

How to Get into the Top Law Schools

Get Into Law School: A Strategic Approach

The Best Law Schools’ Admissions Secrets 

Law School: Getting In, Getting Out, Getting On

For a list of additional books, see LSAC Resources for Pre-Law Candidates